Children's Displays

Ukrainian Eggs and Porcelain Dolls Collections

April is the perfect time for this display. Carson Mulik is very proud of his father's Ukrainian Egg collection. His father, Paul, has been painting them for about five years. His mentor in this painting project is Carolyn Trout, former JPL Director. We are so grateful to the Muliks for sharing this beautiful display. Please remember the eggs are fragile and be gentle with your hands on the case while you enjoy the lovely sight with your eyes.

Our other display case is also filled with lovely items. Seven year old Elizabeth Stump is kindly sharing her porcelain doll collection. She loves the clothes they are dressed in and, in fact, chooses the dolls she collects according to what they are wearing. Elizabeth's Grandma and Gigi have added to her beautiful doll collection. She says their additons make her dolls all the more special to her. Be sure to visit the Children's Department to enjoy her darling dolls!