Displays - Lobby

June's Harrods Collection & May's Box Collection

Come in and take a close up look at June's Harrod collection. Lisa Brown has been collecting bags and aprons and took some nice pictures. Which is your favorite? Can't get here? Browse through the pictures of the display right here.

After you go through the Harrod's Collection you will find pictures of the May's Box collection belonging to Jacque Gage. Her fascination with this collection started years ago when she was a college student traveling in Europe behind the Iron Curtain. She bought some small boxes in Poland for $1-2 apiece and thus began her obsession. Jacque has tried to get a box from every place she’s visited and now family and friends are helping add to her collection. She has a box from five of the seven continents so if anyone is traveling to Australia or Antarctica she wouldn’t mind the help.