A. Departmental Goals and Principles of Service

  1. The objectives of the Teen Department are: to keep teens engaged with and interested in the Library as they grow out of the Children's Department in order to encourage teens' continued reading and library use; to provide teens with access to current information and quality literature; to provide teens with a library environment that meets their needs as they transition into adulthood; and to provide complete and accurate answers to reference questions to all patrons of the Department.
  2. The Teen Department is open during all library hours with competent reference and reader advisory services available when the Teen Librarian in working in the Department.
  3. Library staff who work primarily or exclusively in the Teen Department should have a genuine interest in teens and teen services.
  4. The Teen Librarian should be a qualified professional with a broad knowledge of teen literature.

B. General Rules

  1. A "teen" is defined as anyone in or entering grades 6 through 12.
  2. Though all Library patrons may utilize and/or check out materials from the Teen Department, for the sake of "ownership" of the Department and for teens' safety, only teens may "hang out" there or use the tables, seating, computers, and gaming station there. This applies during all Library hours.
  3. The computers and gaming station are open to all teens during times when the Teen Librarian is working in the Department. All teens using the computers or gaming station must sign in at the teen desk.

C. Teen Materials

  1. The Library acquisitions budget includes a designated amount for teen print and non-print materials.
  2. The Teen Department provides teen materials suitable for teens age 11 and up in a variety of formats and in sufficient number to meet the current and anticipated needs of the community.
  3. All Joplin Public Library District collection development and collection management policies apply to materials in the Teen Department.
  4. The Teen Librarian is primarily responsible for the selection of materials for the Deparment using appropriate professional review media and bibliographic selection tools. The Collection Development Librarian and the Library Director may also participate in the selection of materials for the Teen Department. All collection development and management activities, including selection, replacement, duplication, inventory, and discarding of teen materials are directed by the Teen Librarian under the supervision of the Library Director and with the assistance of the Collection Development Librarian.
  5. Materials specifically for teens and all other materials in the Library are available to all teens at all times the Library is open. Parents or legal guardians are solely responsible for supervising or limiting their teen's access to library materials.
  6. Cataloging information about teen materials is available at every catalog terminal in the Library. Teen materials receive full MARC cataloging.
  7. Teen materials not available locally are accessible through interlibrary loan.

D. Teen Programming

  1. Programming for teens is planned by or with the supervision of the Teen Librarian.
  2. Teen programs are developed with the wide age range served by the Teen Department in mind and are appropriate for that age range.
  3. Adults need not accompany or remain with teens attending programming. If a teen engages in disruptive behavior during the program, the teen may be sent out of the program regardless of the whereabouts of the teen's parent or legal guardian.

E. Tours and Teen Groups

  1. All tours must be scheduled in advance. Tours should be scheduled as far in advance as possible, especially if programming is required.
  2. Teen groups visiting the Library for reading or study sessions should call ahead if possible. If the group plans to use the Teen Department for a reading or study session and needs an adult present in the Department, arrangements need to be made with the Teen Librarian prior to the session.
  3. The Teen Department reserves the right to refuse a tour because of inadequate notification or the unavailability of a time slot for a tour.
  4. Because it occupies such a small part of the Library, the Teen Department reserves the right to require a teen group's reading or study session to be moved out of the Department if the Department is being used for programming or other Library activities that will be disrupted or disturbed by the presence of a reading or study session.
  5. It is preferred that teen's groups have a responsible adult in the Library, whether the group is attending a scheduled program or engaged in a reading or study session.

F. Programs Outside the Library

    The Teen Department conducts programs outside the Library for schools and not-for-profit organizations when it is possible to do so at the Library's convenience.